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20 April 2016 @ 11:50 am
You left me all alone now I can't even concentrate...  
When daylight saving ended, I had the perfect opportunity to get back into my morning run. My body didn't feel as if it were waking up any earlier and I got to enjoy the sunrise before heading home to get ready for work.

My usual haunt (the local park and surrounding area) seems to have exploded with life since the last time I was running regularly. I used to do laps on grass when I first started, but began venturing down to the river, along the boardwalk, through the forest, around the wetlands.

Revisiting those same places seems like a whole new world now; spiderwebs aplenty, lots of different flowers, water levels rising and falling daily, etc. Each morning is a surprise because I never know what to expect (quite aside from which route I choose to take).

Photos like this have become the norm on a morning out (depending on weather):

And I enjoy it so much that I actually don't feel like I've started my weekday correctly unless I go for a run. I slept through my alarm last Friday and felt off all day. that said, if the scenery wasn't so beautiful, I might actually be back on track with the times and distances I was running a couple of years ago.
Current Location: Australia, Sydney
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