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17 January 2016 @ 10:00 am
Can't rely on my heart to beat in 'cause you take parts of it every evening...  
Three years ago, I had no idea who Chris Hardwick was. It was only because I started planning our first ever SDCC pilgrimage that I caught on.

As we hadn't yet secured badges in February/March of 2013, I started looking for offsite events to ensure our trip to San Diego in July wouldn't be wasted.

I snapped up w00tstock tickets, having followed Wil Wheaton on Twitter for years and understanding it would be a glorious melting pot of all things geeky.

I snapped up Thrilling Adventure Hour tickets, having followed Nathan Fillion on Twitter for years and understanding it would be a glorious melting pot of music, fun, and special guests.

And, finally, I snapped up tickets to the Nerdist podcast without as much interest in the core three (Chris, Jonah, Matt) as much as their special guest, who I was hoping would be Doctor Who related. (I was not disappointed - it was over an hour of the wonderful Matt Smith.)

But that podcast was the first impression I had of Chris Hardwick and he did not disappoint. He was this awesome mix of fan boy, nerd, cool, funny, sincere, sweet. He took to the stage at 9:30pm, in full cosplay, after a Saturday of hosting panels at and generally enjoying SDCC.

He started out with a stand-up act which was solid, observational, self-deprecating and laced with profanity. My favourite part was that he himself couldn't actually believe he was making a living out of interviewing people he idolised or moderating casts of films and television shows he can't wait to see or watches.

And since then, in following him on Twitter and Instagram, that is absolutely still the case. His selfies with panels and guests and the stories behind them seem so genuine and excitable that you feel a sense of commeraderie with this guy.

One of my absolute favourites from this year was his attending the St Wars premiere. He spotted J.J. Abrams walking the red carpet with George Lucas and, because he counts himself a mere mortal, didn't want to bother them by asking for a photo.

So he lined up the perfect shot with them in the background only to press 'reverse camera' instead of actually taking the shot and completely missed the moment as they moved on. As if that wasn't bad enough, paparazzi had inadvertently captured his moment of failure and that was what he posted to Instagram.

His love for Doctor Who, passion for shows like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and pretty much everything Marvel does is excellent. It gets you excited, amps you up, and it makes you feel like it's alright to embrace the nerd within.

We went to see him host Midnight the following year and Nerdist again the year after that. It was last year, during his podcast with Maisie Williams, that I took a photo that I posted as a #FlashbackFriday this week and...

He liked it.

He commented on it.

I fangirled.

Last night I sent him the photo via Facebook as Instagram direct doesn't have a save function and woke up to this cheery reply, which incited even more fangirling:

It's official. My love for Chris Hardwick has been cemented (and documented) forevermore.
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